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Our team is united by a passion for technology and the world of communications

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Our Team

Our challenge is to develop the connection between people and the world through technology. To do so, we have the best talent, more than 120 geniuses who are committed to achieve this every day

Luis Alvarez Sestelo. CEO

“I hope to do something crazy, something creative and something generous every day and never, ever, ever stop dreaming”

Olivier Cruces. Software Architect

“I have been working at Optare Solutions for 4 years. When I started I knew nothing about the Telco sector and thanks to the immense knowledge of my colleagues I have been able to learn a lot in this time. From the beginning I was surprised by how dynamic and entertaining the work is, the projects I am involved in are very interesting"

María Roig. Project Manager

“I have been a Project Manager at Optare Solutions for 2 and a half years. The learning has been (and still is) a daily constant, thanks to the fact that there is always a colleague on the ready to help and share know-how. I can’t imagine a better environment to work in.We try to transmit this at all levels to successfully accomplish any initiative”

Román Portela. Analyst Programmer

“In June 2018 I joined Optare to do my Master’s degree in Telecommunication, at the time, practically the only thing I knew about the company was the good reputation it had among my colleagues. What started out as just another course at the university turned out to be a great professional and personal experience. Who would have thought I would still be here now?”

Joel Otero. Analyst Programmer

“This is my second year at Optare Solutions, I began my journey on a project as an Analyst Programmer. From the word go, Optare gave me the opportunity to grow professionally: to always think big, enjoy learning new technologies and observe and absorb the capabilities of my colleagues in a particularly pleasant environment. For me, Optare is synonymous with professional and personal growth, continuous learning and setting one’s own limits”

Carla Juárez. Analyst Programmer

“I started working at Optare Solutions as an outsource 4 years ago and after 2 years I was internally hired. My colleagues are exceptional and I have never felt that “glass ceiling” that can occur in other companies. I don’t regret choosing this company, which I now consider to be a great family”

Feel what it’s like to be a part of Optare


We are a consultancy firm of Galician origin, which started out in the corridors of the School of Telecommunications of the University of Vigo and which set about its course in 2002, working exclusively for telecommunications operators around the world, with high specialization in OSS and BSS. As members of the TM Forum, since 2005, we participate with large European operators and manufacturers in R&D projects and have a lot to say in the development channels of 5G

We are different

We are convinced that we do things differently and this is what makes us a great team in all our facets.

Fun days

that outdo themselves year after year

Communication and Transparency

Different initiatives that keep us constantly connected to each other and the company: Project Talks, Random Coffee breaks, Breakfasts, Trajectories.

Flexibility, work-life balance, teleworking, workspace

Opportunity to start with us

Open days, Internships, supervised end of degree projects (TFG/ TFM) and tutoring, collaboration with Universities.

Optare Talk

Knowledge management, training and development.

We are a healthy company

We promote sports,healthy tupperware lunches and even compete for the best recipe, we give out tomato plants, have fruit delivered to the office…

Our Family Day

Our Family Day is packed with fun,games and charity activities which we all, adults and kids, thoroughly enjoy!

Any excuse is good for a laugh! We really get a kick out of costume fun!

What’s your Goal?

Choose your path, we will guide you along the way.

We offer you the first opportunity

Do your internship with us, your final degree or Master’s project, start your journey with a team and a project that will make you grow. + info

Your present and future is in Tech

Programmer, Analyst, Technical Leader, Architect If your goal is to grow in an environment of constant technological challenge, in a Telco context then look no further, this is your path. + info

A Career in Management

Lead a technical team, accompany them in their development, control the finances of your projects, be the connection with the client, make business grow, go a little further, manage client accounts as Delivery Manager + info

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